About Us

Our vision is to become UK’s leading Rail Infrastructure Labour solutions provider and be a place where the best people want to work.

Our mission is to be a dynamic team providing the highest quality rail labour solutions to our customers through teamwork, safety, communication and attention to detail.

Our success is achieved by sourcing and supplying the “best fit” resources, based on the required qualifications, licenses or skills, together with the appropriate behaviours and attitudes to suit our Client.

We operate within a culture of delivering innovative labour solutions in a cooperative and collaborative environment where the relationship between client and contractor is based on trust, dedication to common goals and an understanding of each other’s business expectations and values.

We pride ourselves on thoroughly understanding our clients’ requirements and in meeting their needs in a comprehensive and cost effective way. We achieve this through the collaborative and outcomes-driven culture of our people and by working within the framework of our Gemini Rail Management System that tailors our approach to meet the specific requirements of each scope of work.